RTN Launch Taping Experience

The Lord has truly blessed Bishop Eric Lloyd and First Lady Shenita Lloyd as the co-owners of Rhema Television Network-The Peoples Network. In March of 2018, RTN will make its debut in over 100 cities and millions of homes. People from all over will be able to watch RTN on Channel 40, Comcast 397, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV. On February 10, 2018, RTN had its Launch Taping. In spite of the extreme weather and the snow, over 50 Pastors/Churches confirmed their participation prior to the launching date. On the day of the taping, there were so many well-known, anointed and appointed Pastors and Bishops that attended and participated in this monumental event. Some of those names include Pastor Glenn and Pauline Plummer, Bishop J. Drew Sheard and Karen Clark-Sheard, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Bishop Michael and Co-Pastor Lisa Page Brooks and talented artists such as Larry Callahan and SOG and Brotha Dre.

During arrival time and while waiting for the taping to begin, the guest speakers, Pastors, and artists were directed to our conference room suite. This time was dedicated to preparation, fellowship, and food. The taping opened up with Bishop Lloyd, First Lady Lloyd, Pastor Plummer and Pauline Plummer and it ended with Dr. Roberta Jane. The studio audience was practically filled with seat in spite of the weather conditions. The atmosphere was positive and the spirit of God was definitely in the place. The guest speakers were dynamic and the interviews were personable.



RTN’s employees, staff, and volunteers all worked together to help the launch taping run smoothly and become successful. They were hospitable and served the guests properly, they directed the studio audience with diligence and respect and they were paramount in assisting the guests before, during and after each segment. If the future of RTN is anything like the success of the launch taping, I am sure that Bishop, First Lady Lloyd, and RTN will bless the lives of people locally, nationally and internationally in the years to come.

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