Christian Marriages

In order to defeat the 40% divorce rate here in America, we need more Christian Marriage Programs that are geared towards building families. Christian Marriage Programs are available in many churches such as mines, Rhema International Church. Rhema International Church has programs that Primary focus is building and strengthening family values and strengthening Christian Married couples as one unit.

Marriage is a Godly union ordained by God. What God put together let no man put asunder. When your marriage is a Godly chosen marriage, there isn’t anyone or anything that can bring it down. A Christian Marriage is designed to be a loyal commitment to two spiritual connected souls. Christian Marriages Mirrors the Lord’s relationship to the Church of God. Christian Marriages are an institution that God uses fit a lesson of learning hire to be steadfast, unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord.

God uses Christian Marriages to display the relationships between the bridegroom and His Church. A Christian Marriage is also an example of how we should be faithful to our God, Family, and ministry. Churches with a Married Pastor is our greatest example of how a Christian Married couple should be. At Rhema, our Bishop Lloyd and First Lady Lloyd continually lead all of our Married Couples into strength in the Lord. For a successful Christian Marriage, you would need Pastor’s such as our Pastor’s who lead by examples of operating in strength in areas of Love and loyalty. Pastor’s should demonstrate the Love and loyalty that God intended for all Christian Marriages to exhibit.

Christian Marriage is more than creating families and moments of pleasure. Christian Marriages are of value and up most importance. In a true Christian Marriage is where each spouse learns how to serve one another. In Christian Marriage your number one goal should be serving, as with any Ministry. God uses our relationships to keep us on point in focusing on our true mission. When we learn our true mission in life we can better serve in a Christian Marriage.

Some people enter into a Marriage without being prepared mentally, spiritually, or physically. However, it’s never too late to regain focus and remember what your true call and Devine purpose is. In Christian Marriages, you learn how to make each other happy and encouraged. Through this attribute in a Christian Marriage, we Learn how to love and encourage others.

Every Christian Marriage is always a work in progress such as your Christian walk. However, what makes a Christian Marriage complete is the factor of you having the Lord in your marriage. The Lord is the third strand and with a three strand cord, a Christian Marriage is not easily broken.