Serving Our Community STICKY

God will give you the desire to Achieve whatever you put your mind to do. The very beginning of something incredibly New in your life is right at your fingertips. Serving the community comes naturally once you accept your assignment from God. The idea is becoming a World Changer. When I realized that I was a World Changer it made my passion to serve much easier.

We have to spread the Word of God, by all means necessary, because sometimes our lives will be the only Bible that people will read. Being a part of the Rhema Family has given me such a platform to shouted the true, living, Word of God to the people.

I Spend daily time with God, through Prayer and reading His Word. When we personally get to know God, then we can learn what it is that God really wants us to do. Just as Jesus came to serve and heal the people, so shall we do the same. As Christians, our Primary focus is to serve God by serving the others. When we serve the community we serve with humility and as a servant, it is indeed an honor and privilege to serve others.



Serving the community is very rewarding. When we are able to meet the emergency needs of the people, with the necessities of life and the Word of God. It is a reward just to witness the joy and happiness of the community when we’re able to assist in their needs.

-Missionary Assignments

-Hospital Visits

-Visiting the sick and shut-in

-Clothing Ministry

-Food Pantry

-Bereavement Services with love and compassion.

There are so many levels of serving the community, as many of you may know. When you want to be a blessing to the Body of Christ, serving and showing the Love of God is the way to go. I’m really passionate about the vision for the Safe Haven House, that the Lord has given to Lady Lloyd and R.A.W. Rhema Anointed Women. The Safe Haven House is where we will serve women in need of rescue fun Domestic Abuse

The Bible says that we overcame by the Blood of the lamb and the Words of our testimonies. There is no better way to serve to serve the community than helping someone out of situations that the Lord has already brought you out of.

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